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Accoustic Microscopes from KSISAM

About us

IP-holding GmbH and the world of scanning acoustic microscopy:
In 2015 the patent management company "IP-holding GmbH" was founded. After the foundation a technological integration of the ultrasonic areas of the following companies was performed:
  • IFA - Institut für Akustomikroskopie
  • KSI.SAM GmbH
  • KSI-Germany

 © KSIKSI provides the next generation of scanning acoustic microscopes (SAM). Designed and developed by an ambitious team of engineers and application-specialists and with experience of more than 30 years in the field of acoustic microscopy. KSI presents you the new scanning acoustic microscope: v-Series.

With the help of scanning acoustic microscopes voids, delaminations, bubbles as well as changes of mechanical properties inside specimen can be detected without any damage or changes down to a minimum size of 0,3 µm. Scanning acoustic microscopy is a powerful tool to inspect, detect and valuate. With the products of KSI development-, product- and quality-control becomes easy and effective.

The products of KSI sound your sample and lend you an ear, as they are the “antenna“ you need to see the mechanical properties of your specimen.

  • KSI stands for German engineering
  • KSI afford best quality
  • KSI afford mature technology

  • Quality made in Germany
  • KSI stands for innovation
  • More than 30 years experience

  • KSI is technology leader
  • KSI has sales agents worldwide
  • KSI exemplify strict quality management

Innovation for over 30 years

Acoustic Microscopy - best personal

Unique price-performance ratio

Based on our experience for decades and the SAM innovations from the past such as V(z)material analysis, highest frequencies (2GHz) and automatical industry applications, we offer nowadays complete systems and modules with a unique price-performance ratio worldwide.

Acoustic Microscopy scanning technology

SAM and AMI Innovations

for Bonded Wafers, MEMS, Through-silicon Vias (TSV), LEDs, Sensor, IGBT, PCB, Automotive, Air and Defense, Bonding Layers, Defects, Delaminations, Voids, Cracks and Porosity. Bio Med and Geology Applications.

Acoustic Microscopy high end scanners

Single- und Multihead Scanning Technology in one unit

Our modular designed acoustic single and multi-channel microscopes are the fastest on the world market and analyze non-destructively in the pulse-echo and transmission mode (Through Scan).

Ultrasound and Acoustic Micro Imaging

 © KSI

KSI SAM: Non-destructive testing and quantitative measuring of materials

For many years, we are supplying Acoustic Microscopes, Transducer, Pulser, Receiver and Sonoscan systems worldwide. The well-known KSI quality is a guarantee for the best results.

The new patent based developed streamlined shape of the Transducer reduces turbulences, air bubbles and cavitations in coupling fluid significantly. This allows to increase the scanning speed up to 50%. Save a lot of inspection time and obtain more throughput.