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Accoustic Microscopes from KSISAM

Patented based FCT Transducer by KSI

Durch eine neue, patentierte, strömungsoptimierte Form des Transducers werden Turbulenzen (Luftblasen) und Wellenbildung im Koppelmedium deutlich reduziert. Dadurch kann die Scangeschwindigkeit der neuen Acoustic Microscopes um 50% erhöht werden! Gewinnen Sie so spürbar Zeit beim Scannen Ihrer Prüflinge und erzielen Sie in der gleichen Zeit einen größeren Durchsatz.

    Increase of Scan Speed

 © KSI - Kraemer Sonic Industries GmbH

 © KSI - Kraemer Sonic Industries GmbH



Patented based FCT Transducer by KSI

Demo video

In this video you can compare the 'new Transducer' with the 'old Transducer'.

Due to the Transducers new, optimized design turbulences (blisters) and wave formation in the coupling medium ars reduced. This is necessary, because the maximum scan speed of the new scanning acoustic microscope KSI v8 rises from 1 m/s up to 2 m/s.

You archieve better results in less time!

Innovation for over 30 years

Acoustic Microscopy - best personal

Custom SAM Solutions

especially designed and built according to customer requests.

Acoustic Microscopy scanning technology

Standard SAM Solutions

are also provided by KSI with an excellent pricing. The v-series has an outstanding performance for the most common applications in research and production.

Acoustic Microscopy high end scanners

SAM and AMI Innovations

for Bonded Wafers, MEMS, Through-silicon Vias (TSV), LEDs, Sensor, IGBT, PCB, Automotive, Air and Defense, Bonding Layers, Defects, Delaminations, Voids, Cracks and Porosity. Bio Med and Geology Applications.

Ultrasound and Acoustic Micro Imaging

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KSI SAM: Non-destructive testing and quantitative measuring of materials

For many years, we are supplying Acoustic Microscopes, Transducer, Pulser and Receiver worldwide. The well-known KSI quality is a guarantee for the best results.

The new patent based developed streamlined shape of the Transducer reduces turbulences, air bubbles and cavitations in coupling fluid significantly. This allows an increase of the scanning speed up to 50% with the correspondent electronics.