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2019-11-08: Examination on living hair

The KSI Scanning Acoustic Microscope (KSI-SAM) was used in a case study to investigate the effects of various hair preparations on the mechanical properties of hair follicles and hair roots in vivo.
In this study, several intact hair roots in the hair follicle were evaluated before and after treatment with a hair root tonic (component: leaf extract of the ginkgo tree and biotin). The reference was a living, untreated hair root. The exposure time was 60 minutes.
In the before / after comparison, a significantly positive change in the mechanical properties and strengthening of the hair root could be visualized and quantified.


2019-10-30: KSI Water Reactor

The KSI Water Reactor is the new All-in-One solution for the coupeling liquid, with built in CO2 Absorber & Osmosis Unit for perfect measuring conditions with your KSI Scanning Acoustic Microscope.

Key features are:
➢ Automated ultrapure osmosis water generation for usage as a coupling liquid
➢ Elimination of impurities and gas bubbles in the coupling liquid
➢ Constant and stabilized conditions in the liquid during ultrasound measurement
➢ Fully automated water level monitoring with overfill protection
➢ Independent and accurate refilling
➢ Water heating with temperature control
➢ Equipped with all safety installations necessary for production environments
➢ ESD compliant and cleanroom ready


2019-10-28: KSI Artificial Intelligence

The new KSI AI Scan Mode represents the future of Scanning Acoustic Microscopy using unique Artificial Intelligence SAM Imaging backed by high-precision multi-aperture, focus and depth-of-field controlled ultrasound images. Just like AI in modern cameras, our KSI AI algorithms can recognize and understand the schematic content of SAM images. KSI AI is using unique image understanding technology to extract meaningful information from acoustic images, to provide users with timely, accurate and the most relevant information with just one scan.


2019-09-05: Biotech and Medicine

Example: Hair examination
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy is used not only in the field of criminology, but also in the field of cosmetics and care products.
The aim of the study presented here was to investigate the effects of treatment with keratin volume foam on human hair.
It could be determined that the mechanical properties of the hair have changed.
In this particular case, the measured acoustic impedance has increased by 41% due to the treatment. In the ultrasound image, this is seen as a much brighter view of the hair.


Scanning Acoustic Microscopy: 4D Software

 © A short demonstration of the KSI 4D software.
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy: Arbeiten mit dem KSI v8

 © This video depicts how to change a transducer, how to place a sample and the scan process itself.
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy: Reduzierung von Turbulenzen im Wasser

 © High Speed and acceleration are a necessity in the modern QC to ensure the demanded throughput and to reduce costs. This creates a problem in the field of scanning acoustic microscopy since high speed equals strong turbulences. KSI developed a solution for this issue.
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy: Working Principle

 © A short introduction in the workings of an acoustic microscope. ECHO mode, TRANSMISSION mode as well as the impact of different surfaces will be explained.
Präsentation v-series und KSI VISION-Software

 © KSI - Kraemer Sonic Industries GmbHDiscover the new scanning acoustic microscope of KSI v-series. In this video you can see a short demonstration of our system. You can also see the KSI VISION software with an introduction how to use it and software options.

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