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2019-09-05: Biotech and Medicine

Example: Hair examination
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy is used not only in the field of criminology, but also in the field of cosmetics and care products.
The aim of the study presented here was to investigate the effects of treatment with keratin volume foam on human hair.
It could be determined that the mechanical properties of the hair have changed.
In this particular case, the measured acoustic impedance has increased by 41% due to the treatment. In the ultrasound image, this is seen as a much brighter view of the hair.


2018-08-30: KSI v8 Advanced

The all new KSI v8 Advanced Scanning Acoustic Microscope is available now. Including all the best of previous KSI systems, it additionally comes with the most advanced new features for SAM technology.

The KSI v8 Advanced exclusively includes:
• Integrated Super Hi-Vision CMOS-Sensor-Camera
• Water temperature control for enhanced image quality
• Water quality control with conductivity meter
• Desgasification unit for DI-water
• New highly ergonomic, user-friendly design for easy sample placement including LED illumination
• KSI VASC™ Software for automated scanning and failure detection
• KSI VISION™ HD-Scan incl. HTE-Filter for signal enhancement
• KSI VISION™ Autofocus 2.0
• ESD compliant and cleanroom ready


2018-01-11: New Transducer

New transducers in the frequency range from 100MHz - 250MHz available. Further information on request.


2017-09-29 KSI Inline SAM

The new KSI Inline SAM was specially developed for a fully automated inspection in a production line. Handling, inspection and analysis are done automatically. For more information contact us via phone or via mail.


2017-01-19: Improved Workstation

- Usage of up to three displays (prepared for the usage of two displays)
- High Performance SSD
- Additional 1 terabyte HDD for data storage
- Available with Windows 7 or Windows 10


Scanning Acoustic Microscopy: 4D Software

 © A short demonstration of the KSI 4D software.
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy: Arbeiten mit dem KSI v8

 © This video depicts how to change a transducer, how to place a sample and the scan process itself.
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy: Reduzierung von Turbulenzen im Wasser

 © High Speed and acceleration are a necessity in the modern QC to ensure the demanded throughput and to reduce costs. This creates a problem in the field of scanning acoustic microscopy since high speed equals strong turbulences. KSI developed a solution for this issue.
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy: Working Principle

 © A short introduction in the workings of an acoustic microscope. ECHO mode, TRANSMISSION mode as well as the impact of different surfaces will be explained.
Präsentation v-series und KSI VISION-Software

 © KSI - Kraemer Sonic Industries GmbHDiscover the new scanning acoustic microscope of KSI v-series. In this video you can see a short demonstration of our system. You can also see the KSI VISION software with an introduction how to use it and software options.

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The new patent based developed streamlined shape of the Transducer reduces turbulences, air bubbles and cavitations in coupling fluid significantly. This allows an increase of the scanning speed up to 50% with the correspondent electronics.