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Accoustic Microscopes from KSISAM

What is a Tranducer?

 © KSI - Kraemer Sonic Industries GmbH The ultrasonic signal of a scanning acoustic microscope is produced inside a transducer. This transducer is assembled to the scanning mechanic of the ultrasonicmicroscope. Inside a transducer an electric signal is transformed into an ultrasonic signal by a piezoelement. After the ultrasonic signal is generated it is focussed by an acoustical lense on the bottom end of the transducer and conducted into the coupling medium (water). The coupling medium is needed to transfer the ultrasonic signal with higher energy into the specimen. As the attenuation of the ultrasonic signal inside the coupling medium is much lower than in air.

Due to physical reasons every transducer has its own frequency-range. Therefore it is necessary to change the transducer when switching to significantly higher or lower frequencies. On the SAM-systems of KSI the change of a transudcer is easy and quick by turning one transducer out and another in. The available frequency-range for KSI-products is 1 MHz to 2000 MHz.

 © KSI - Kraemer Sonic Industries GmbH In addition to the generation of the ultrasonic signal the transducers of KSI contain another feature: The new patented shape for highest scanspeeds. Due to the highest scanspeed of 1500 mm/s of the new v-Series air-blisters can be caused by an usual transducer when moving through the coupling medium. These blisters can cause a partly blackout of the ultrasonic picture when flowing between transducer and specimen.

 © KSI - Kraemer Sonic Industries GmbH
To solve this problem KSI developed a special transducer-shape that highly reduces turbulences and air-blisters inside the coupling medium for faultless ultrasonic pictures created at highest scanspeeds.



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For many years, we are supplying Acoustic Microscopes, Transducer, Pulser and Receiver worldwide. The well-known KSI quality is a guarantee for the best results.

The new patent based developed streamlined shape of the Transducer reduces turbulences, air bubbles and cavitations in coupling fluid significantly. This allows an increase of the scanning speed up to 50% with the correspondent electronics.