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Accoustic Microscopes from KSISAM

Scientific Applications

V(z)-Curve-Rayleigh wave lens

V(z)-Curves are produced with the help of special transducers that create not only longitudinal-waves but also Rayleigh-waves. V(z)-Curves contain all the material parameters determinable with the help of the acoustic imaging. To produce a V(z)-Curve the focal point is software-controlled displaced from the surface into the sample, the intensity of the reflected ultrasonic signals is measured (V=voltage) and plotted against the distance the acoustic lens is lowered (z in µm).

 © KSI The result is a frequency dependent curve of the material or layer combination, characteristic for the sample investigated: V(z)-Curves allow a completely new, non-destructive type of material characterisation in the micron range as they are the key to a wide range of quantitative measurements. V(z)-Curves are influenced by varieties in film thickness and reveal defect structures under the surface.



V(f)-Curve - Lamb wave lens

The lamb - wave lens is a special lens adapted to a transducer. Lamb wave lenses are proposed for imaging and characterization of layered structures. They differ from a conventional transducer-lens as they have a conical refracting element to selectively excite surface waves. With this special lens images can be obtained that are easy to interpret, with a higher accuracy and higher penetration power of the soundwaves.

 © KSI  © KSI To improve the achieved resolution the effect of the central beam (see picture on the bottom left; array 2) can be eliminated by using very short ultrasonic-pulses and time gating.

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are also provided by KSI with an excellent pricing. The v-series has an outstanding performance for the most common applications in research and production.

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KSI SAM: Non-destructive testing and quantitative measuring of materials

For many years, we are supplying Acoustic Microscopes, Transducer, Pulser and Receiver worldwide. The well-known KSI quality is a guarantee for the best results.

The new patent based developed streamlined shape of the Transducer reduces turbulences, air bubbles and cavitations in coupling fluid significantly. This allows an increase of the scanning speed up to 50% with the correspondent electronics.